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Oakland Construction Services

GeoTrinity Consultants, Inc. has done a lot of building projects in Oakland, CA. From structural upgrades for a strong foundation to other construction services, we can help you. We are proud of the construction and engineering work that we do and want you to get an inside look on some of our projects. We are still gathering some of these images to post here in our photo gallery. However, in the meantime, take a look at some of the construction and engineering projects that we have already completed. For your next project, call us today!  

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  • Environmentally Responsibly
  • Ethically

  • Socially
  • To High Professional Standards


Creating Stronger Building Structures 

We Do Outstanding Engineering Work

At GeoTrinity Consultants, Inc., we are committed to providing outstanding engineering work. You can depend on us for a stronger foundation where you and your family will feel safe. To discuss your construction project, call for an appointment.

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