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GeoTrinity Consulting, Inc. in Oakland, CA offers what you need for your construction development project. We will help in the planning, designing and management phase of your project. Whether it is a school building project or structural upgrade, we are the...

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At GeoTrinity Consultants, Inc. in Oakland, CA, we handle all types of building projects; from single family homes, commercial buildings and other foundational structures. Let us help you to securely and safely construct your building project. We also offer... 

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Seismically, the San Francisco Bay area is a very active area as understood by professional engineers at GeoTrinity Consultants, Inc. in Oakland, CA. Therefore, the need for structurally sound construction techniques and considerations is an absolute...


Taking Care Of Your Building Needs 

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GeoTrinity Consultants, Inc. in Oakland, CA specializes in expert, reliable and affordably priced consulting services for construction projects done on a large and small scale. If you want to build on earth, you have to know what you are building on. At GeoTrinity Consultants, Inc., we have the knowledge and expertise of what it takes to build structures on earth, safely and cost-effectively. If your building needs are linked to the natural or human aspect of the environment, then you will need our help to support your building project needs. Our approach combines traditional earth science with current technological solutions to assist with managing data and reducing risks. Below are a few of the construction and engineering services that we offer.  

Structural Engineering:

  • Building Remediation
  • Residential and Commercial Developments
  • Soft Story Retrofit and Seismic Upgrades

Civil Engineering:

  • Contra Costa Clean Water - C.3 Program Compliance
  • Grading and Drainage
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

Construction Services:

  • Compaction Testing
  • Material Testing
  • Plan Review

Geotechnical Engineering: 

  • Bridge and School Projects
  • Residential and Commercial Development
  • Seismic, Landslide, and Fault Hazards Mitigation

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Use Our Regulatory Expertise  

At GeoTrinity Consulting, Inc., our employees are deeply committed to providing technical and regulatory expertise to positively impact not only our communities, but the environment at large. If you need help with your residential or commercial building development, we can help. Call today and let us help get your building project off the ground.